VEENKER Pipeline Integrity Management System (PIMS)

A range of different assessment methods is understood by the catchword “PIMS”.


However, one can only refer to a real PIMS when the pipeline integrity is assessed safely and comprehensibly and when any need for action is specifically indicated.


VEENKER developed a PIMS that can precisely determine pipeline integrity (safety) on the one hand and the necessary need for action (cost effectiveness) on the other hand.


PIMS works with the failure probability method. For each influence failure probability is determined and these values are combined for each point of the pipeline.


Failure probability of a pipeline without anomalies which was built in accordance with the requirements lies in the order of 10-15. At individual points (corrosion, street crossings, casing pipes etc.) this value can be significantly higher.


The threshold value of 10-6 cases of damage per kilometre and year is internationally accepted. Thereby, the method enables to precisely differentiate between need for action and anomalies which at least do not require any urgent action.


The method is applied for managing and optimising rehabilitation as well as for verifying grid integrity in general and for determining the need for maintenance measures.