Association work

Association work

For years VEENKER’s engineers with their expertise have been committed to major associations in the pipeline business. “Regularly we give lectures at congresses, workshops as well as universities and foster our networks in the pipeline business”, Managing Director Jörg Himmerich says, “always focusing on making permanent progress with our work far above the state of the art.”


Thus, among others, Jörg Himmerich is member of the Verband Güteschutz Horizontalbohrungen e. V. (Drilling Contractors Association Europe, DCA), where leading companies from the horizontal drilling business develop the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) method at European level.


For the DVGW, (German association of gas and water experts) VEENKER is actively involved in the continued development of technical standards for a safe and reliable gas and water supply.


For many years Dr. Manfred Veenker has been actively involved on the board of the iro, (institute for pipeline construction at the University of Applied Sciences in Oldenburg, Germany). iro works as a communication channel between university theory and practice and is firmly established in supporting future engineers and further training. Jörg Himmerich is head of the iro-workshop working group AK 3 focusing on strength and stability of pipelines including planning aspects.


Jörg Himmerich is an active international advisory committee member of the Pipeline Technology Conference (PTC) as well, where more than 500 experts regularly exchange views on current onshore and offshore technologies and developments in the energy industry.


The German International Pipeline Forum (GIPF) is composed of leading German companies in the international pipeline business. VEENKER has been an active member since 2014. Regular meetings for exchanging knowledge characterise the cooperation of the almost 50 member companies and create a strong community for the German pipeline industry.


VEENKER carris out research on the vision of “green” hydrogen for the energy industry within the scope of HYPOS (Hydrogen Power Storage & Solutions East Germany) together with the Fraunhofer Institute and other East German companies and universities.


The participation at the Fachverband Kathodischer Korrosionsschutz (FKKS) (expert association for cathodic corrosion protection) is about  the corrosion protection of pipelines from a technical and technically scientific aspect. Finally, VEENKER works acitvely in the Förderverein für Angewandte Bauforschung Weimar e. V. (FIAB) (association for supporting applied construction research in Weimar, Germany).