The exact nature of mathematics satisfies the intellect.
Johannes Kepler (1571-1630)

Engineering at the highest level

Dr.-Ing. Veenker Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH (engineering consultancy VEENKER) mainly deals with the issues of calculating, assessing and planning of high-pressure and supply pipelines as well as related pipeline grids and facilities. We focus on both, the future transportation grids for hydrogen and electric power as well as for district heating, chemicals and natural gas. In the course of the development of the power grids we are planning the structural engineering for crossings with existing infrastructure. We are involved in several projects of the energy transition and work on issues concerning wind energy, hydrogen transport, LNG import and the handling of CO2.


Founded in 1981 by Dr. Manfred Veenker, the engineering consultancy is in a strong position with more than 20 employees located in Hannover and Leipzig, Germany. The Veenker Foundation which devotes itself to fund young technical talents has been shareholder since 2018.


A highly qualified team

Not only does VEENKER employ engineers from various disciplines, such as civil engineers, mechanical engineers and process engineers, but also a publicly accredited and sworn expert for “High-pressure pipelines made of steel, plastic and similar materials” and an expert for “Testing pipelines for the transport of dangerous gases and fluids as well as brine before commissioning”. Having this combination of specialists and constructors, measurement technicians as well as geologists in our own company enables us to work successfully on complex issues.


National and international clients

All renowned operators of high-pressure and supply pipeline grids (natural gas pipelines, pipelines for crude oil or mineral oil products, for chemical fluids, E&P industry and district heating supply pipelines as well as underground extra high voltage cables) in Germany and Europe are among VEENKER’s clients. Moreover, storage facility operators, wind turbine planners and operators and many more trust VEENKER’s expertise.


Safety, health, environmental an data protection

Our responsible specialists permanently guarantee compliance with the current legislation and regulations as well as the guidelines of authorities and clients concerning occupational safety, protection of health, environment and data. VEENKER’s management system has been certified according to the normative rulebook SCC:2011 by TÜV Thüringen since 2015 for the scope of “Engineering services in the pipeline and plant engineering” and is periodically verified by audits.