Basic assessment of surface facilities above underground gas storage reservoirs by means of SIMS

Together with renowned gas suppliers VEENKER developed a Storage Integrity Management System (SIMS).


Operators of above ground gas storage facilities are legally obliged to guarantee the facility integrity because damage to gas-related facilities cannot only cause severe environmental harm but can also represent a safety and serious financial risk. By means of SIMS, operators receive a tool for maintaining and managing the integrity according to objective criteria.


A SIMS assesses the condition of surface facilities and shows the operator the need for repair or rehabilitation together with specific recommendations in time. Thus, the operator is able to guarantee operational safety and reliability of its gas-related facility along with optimal cost effectiveness.


In the years 2012 to 2014 VEENKER carried out risk-based condition assessments as basic assessments of surface facilities above underground gas storage reservoirs in Bad Lauchstädt, Bernburg and Kirchheilingen, Germany. That way, the operator VNG Gasspeicher GmbH can guarantee integrity of its above ground gas storage facilities.


A SIMS not only provides the facility operator with a condition assessment but also with an integrity prognosis – by means of a regular condition assessment following the basic assessment. Thus, the operator is able to plan medium-term and long-term rehabilitation and renewal measures and to ensure the future integrity of its facility.