“If a technician goes into the primeval forest with some tins, he returns with a locomotive.”
Felix Wankel (1902-88)

Wadden Sea crossing for the Europipe

The Europipe from the Norwegian Troll gas field crosses the Lower Saxon Wadden Sea National Park (Nationalpark Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer). VEENKER developed the “Teleskoppressung” (telescopic pressing) as a technical solution. Therewith the mud flats could be undercut horizontally by means of a double-walled tunnel-boring machine.


Should the boring machine break down (due to resistance, boulders, wear and tear of the boring head), it can be pulled out. A smaller pipe string with its own boring head is then inserted and pushed through the pipe.


In case of breakdown, other than with the standard technique the protected mud flats need not be disturbed.


On the basis of this innovative development the State Government of Lower Saxony gave their approval.


The undercutting could be successfully carried out.