Lowering of pipelines

Lowering a high-pressure gas pipeline in operation

In the area of Engersen, Germany, Avacon AG operates a high-pressure gas pipeline running parallel to a hillside of a hill endangered by erosion, obviously an old “dune”. In order to guarantee sufficient cover VEENKER planned and supervised the lowering of the gas pipeline by 1.20 m over a pipeline length of 208 m.


The lowering of pipelines in endangered areas is state-of-the-art and can be carried out without any problems if corresponding investigations concerning additional loads and pipeline integrity allow this measure. After having compiled a feasibility study and building specification along with tender documents, the specialist engineers of VEENKER verified the statics of the Avacon pipeline and undertook planning and realisation supervision of the pipeline lowering in Engersen.


After uncovering, the pipeline was fixed at 14 traverses, the pipeline trench was deepened and the pipeline was lowered step by step in accordance with a lowering and safety concept and under technical supervision of the VEENKER planning team. All this happened while the high-pressure gas pipeline was being operated.